DEIA Task Force

The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility/Anti-racism (DEIA) Task Force is dedicated to developing actionable and sustainable recommendations, guidance, leadership and resources in support of the School’s commitment to building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive institution.


To promote diversity initiatives within the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy through support and development of equity and inclusion practices and education aimed to eliminate discrimination, disparities and inequity.


  • Education
  • Personal Growth
  • Advocacy
  • Inclusion
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Justice
  • Respect
  • Community Engagement


The DEIA Task force shall advise the School of Pharmacy with respect to:

  • Developing specific goals and objectives that support the school of pharmacy’s DEIA mission
  • Reviewing and recommending practices or processes to promote the school of pharmacy’s DEIA mission
  • Promoting and providing guidance and support for ongoing DEIA educational and personal growth opportunities for students, faculty, and staff
  • Identifying activities to further DEIA initiatives within the School of Pharmacy
  • Serving as a point of contact for coordination and collaboration on individual courses within the school of pharmacy

Task Force Statement

It is the shared responsibility of The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy and its community to uphold the foundational principles of promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism. All students, faculty and staff have a moral and professional obligation to create an environment respectful of diversity, including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, age, culture, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, religion and ability.

Our goal is to value and support the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our students and community to achieve an environment for all to thrive in. Through a culture of collaboration and respect, we can continue to grow, develop and excel in an ever-changing society and healthcare community.

If you have experienced or have witnessed bias or behaviors that do not align with this statement, please contact one of the individuals below in order for us to continue to promote inclusive excellence:

Dr. Julie Olenak

Assoc Dean, Adms/Studt Affairs
Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

Stark Learning Center SLC 117C
(570) 408-4288

Elizabeth Leo

University Counsel and Title IX Coordinator
Presidents Office

Weckesser Hall 2nd Floor
(570) 408-7788

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

For Students

Dr. Philip Ruthkosky

Dean, for Student Success
(570) 408-4108

For Faculty, Staff and Visitors

LynnMarie Shedlock

Human Resources Manager Employee Relations and Development
(570) 408-2034

If you wish to report incidents of harassment and discrimination (including civil rights offenses, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, retaliation, and stalking or bullying) to the University, please use the anonymous Discrimination and Harassment Reporting Form.

Discrimination and Harassment Reporting Form


May 2nd, 2023 Faculty, Staff, and Student Presentation: Inclusive Language Matters
April 4th, 2023 Faculty Development Teaching for Equity: Leading from the Classroom

March 25th, 2023

Nesbitt School of Pharmacy Symposium: Impact of Implicit Bias in Healthcare

Keynote Speaker: Dan Kimbrough

March 22nd, 2022 

Nesbitt School of Pharmacy Symposium: Exploring the Drivers of Structural Racism on Health Inequities and Advocating for Change

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Vicki T. Sapp

The Task Force shall be composed of volunteer faculty, staff, and students who report to the dean.

Dr. Troy Lynn Lewis

Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice

Stark Learning Center 334E
(570) 408-4977

Justin Collins

Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

Stark Learning Center 117D
(570) 408-4122

Dr. Mary McManus

Associate Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Stark Learning Center 319E
(570) 408-4273

Shelli Holt Macey RPh

Associate Dean, Experiential Education/Interim Chair
Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

Stark Learning Center SLC 336
(570) 408-4291

Dr. Dominick Trombetta

Associate Professor
Pharmacy Practice

Stark Learning Center 331 A
(570) 408-4324

Dr. Faith Wellings

Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice

Stark Learning Center 325
(570) 408-4292

Dr. Rubi Mahato

Assistant Professor
Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Scott Bolesta

Pharmacy Practice

Stark Learning Center 334D
(570) 408-4203

Lizzy Franco

P1 Student Representative

Jillian Bennett

P2 Student Representative

John Hannaway

P3 Student Representative

Joseph Salukas

P4 Student Representative