Pharmacy with Psychology Minor

Communicating with patients is of the utmost importance as a pharmacist; the ability to understand patients is a skill that is crucial, but takes time and practice to build and develop.

The addition of a psychology minor to the PharmD curriculum helps to facilitate a better understanding of behavior, cognition, emotions, personality, and psychological disorders.

As pharmacists, the ability to understand and treat each patient as a whole person leads to an overall higher level of care. A background in psychology provides pharmacy students with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate empathy, compassion, and understanding into daily patient care. The field of medicine has a direct connection to mental health as part of the well-being of patients; thereby linking pharmacy and the social science of psychology.

Brittany Wills

“Having a background in psychology has provided me with the tools to develop a realistic approach to patient care, where I am able to treat patients as a whole, rather than a disease or symptom.  The ability to better understand and identify with patients improves the relationships I am able to build with patients, leading to an overall higher level of patient care.”

Brittany Wills, PharmD ’16